Engraved Stones Rock!


Are your rock stones natural?

Yes. We use hand-picked stones and select granite tile for our projects. Based on the project we find the specific rock that work best for the  selected job. Our Blue Stone is tumbled for a smoother edge and  comes from Pennsylvania. Our round flat  river rocks mainly come from the Colorado River!  They vary in color and shape. Most of the stones have natural flaws and imperfections created by Mother Nature. No two stones are exactly alike; each rock will vary in thickness, length, and height.

What will be the shape of my stone?

Each stone’s shape will be determined by the text you order. We will use rounder stones for shorter lines and longer shaped stones for more lengthy lines.

Are the stones actually carved?

Yes. The lettering is not painted on. It is carved using custom stencils and sandblast. Then we darken  the letters for contrast. Your stone will last for generations!

Do you have a character limit?

Generally, we allow up to 20 characters per line. Please remember the more characters on a stone, the smaller the lettering will be. Occasionally, if an order has too many characters for its size, we will contact you.

Can I see a layout before my stone is made?

Yes. If you want to see a scaled layout (proof) before your stone is made, we can send you an email with a PDF attachment. In this case your approval will be required before the stone is made to ensure your satisfaction.

How are your stones shipped?

We usually ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Larger stones may be shipped UPS, USPS or FEDEX. If your order is local, MEMPHIS, then we deliver FREE.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Normally it takes approximately  2 weeks from the time your order is confirmed. If you need it sooner, we will do our best to expedite your order.

Can I return my stone?

Since we use natural stone, all of the stones have flaws and imperfections; therefore, we cannot offer a refund or return based on the shape, color, or natural flaws and inperfections within a stone. If we make a mistake on your order, or if it gets damaged in shipping we will carve a replacement stone. This will not require the return of a stone.

Still have more questions?

Please contact us by phone or email to answer any other questions you may have.