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Engraved Stones Rock!


2016 Ready To Engrave

It was a great 2015 and 2016 is looking wonderful too. We have enjoyed the opportunity to create many new custom markers and stones for our customers. If you don’t see what you want online, just use our contact us form with specific request or ideas and let us make you the perfect item.

Our inventory of stones is not our limit, we do custom work on individuals who have brought us slabs, granite, stones etc to have special sand carving done. We are ready an able to assist you today.


Custom Pet Stone (Material – Arkansas Field Stone)


Custom Pet Stone (Material – Pennsylvania Blue Stone)

Stencil Cut Services For Niche Fronts

cremation_largeWe now can provide pre-cut stencils for engraving on existing  columbarium niche fronts. Our 42 mil thick  rubber stencils our computer cut, pre-weeded and ready to apply and blast your niche fronts. We can set up the size, style and font for your specific needs and provide a full scale copy prior to our cut to ensure  a perfect match.

For those companies that do not have the sandblast equipment to engrave, you can ship your fronts directly to us for quick 48 hour turn around time. Please feel free to contact us today for assistance.  We offer one of the lowest engraving service charges around. Call Today for a exact price quote.

If your church/cemetery company is looking into offering a columbarium option let us quote you on your engraving needs and help keep your cost low!


New Inventory Of Rocks & Stones

Blue Stone InventoryWe are excited here at Etch Graphics to announce that we have received our newest supply of beautiful River Rocks and our custom tumbled Blue Stone for our engraving projects.

Our river rocks have been smoothed and rounded by mother nature and the river streams that create these wonderful items for our engraving projects. Our custom tumbled blue stone is quarried and then tumbled to give them a more smoother less sharp edge on the sides. These make beautiful pet makers, garden markers and even address stones too!

River Rocks In Stock


Free Delivery In Memphis On Large Stones

free deliveryFor Memphis area, we are providing FREE delivery on all of our larger products. Weight can add to the cost of our larger stones due to needing to ship on a freight line instead of standard USPS or UPS delivery. However, orders in the MEMPHIS, TN area will now be delivered at NO CHARGE. Take advantage of this great opportunity and order your special Garden Stone, Address Marker or more today!

Once completed we will contact you to set up a delivery time and bring the finished work to you. You will have the choice at check out to confirm you qualify for the FREE DELIVERY.


Wide Blast Mask Cutter Running

New CutterWe here at Etch Graphics are excited to announce the arrival of our newest high speed sandblast cutter. This cutter uses the latest technology to allow us to quickly design and now cut out those designs for sandblasting on stone, granite, glass and more.

The ability to quickly and effectively design and cut to stencil the work helps us provide quicker turn around times on our orders. All our work is custom work only started once selected by you the customer.  We look forward to working with you in creating beautiful works for your home or business.

If you have questions about a project please feel free to contact us and ask. We will gladly provide you with a quote and turn around time on your work.

Our New Sandblast Cabinet

New System We are excited with the purchase of our new sandblast cabinet and portable  hopper to make us more effective in turn around times on our projects. This new system along with our modern automatic stencil cutting machine will help us with your custom request.

We are now able to do ON SITE work as well as in house work. This will allow us to expand to LARGER size rocks, or should I say “boulders” for our clients.

We continue to expand our product line and ideas. If you have a specific idea in mind, please let us know and we can help make it come to life for you.

We thank everyone for their support and orders!


Etch Graphics Is Back!

sand-blasting-hoodWe are back in the etching and engraving business and  we are very excited with our new products. All Etch Graphics rocks and tiles are hand selected from our tri-state area. With each fresh collection, we begin the mulit-step process required to create works of art.
First, each stone is cleaned to remove dirt and calcium deposits. Then its shape is graphically traced to make a template. Our artists use the templates to custom-design for each rock face. The art is reproduced into a durable, single-use special stencil. The stone is then sandblasted beneath for up to 60 minutes, depending on the art’s complexity and the rock’s density. Industrial paint is applied to enhance the etched detail.
We take great care with each piece, yet our everlasting displays are priced affordably for any enduring message. Call 901-340-3184 to get started today.